Newsletter Test

Text/HTML of your email newsletter goes here.

Don’t forget to:
1) add a Featured Image (should match the primary image featured in the newsletter)
2) set the post’s category to ‘Newsletter’
3) set the post’s tag to ‘news’
…via the post options in the right-hand column of the Post Editor —>

4) manually type a Custom Excerpt into the ‘Excerpt’ box below the main post editor window.

Manual Excerpts allow you to set a brief description of the post that displays nicely on all your blog/archive pages. Keep the excerpt under 25 words so that it isn’t automatically cut off (truncated) by the 25 word limit. If you do not set a custom excerpt, WordPress will automatically display the first 25 words from your post. This may or may not look good when the posts are displayed on archive pages (such as the main blog index page ‘News’ as well as category-and tag- specific archives such as ) Keep the excerpt short and sweet; entice the reader to click the ‘Read more…’ link to read the entire post!

Feel free to delete this demo post once you’ve got the hang of it.