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Herrington’s Sierra Pines Resort is now Sierra Pines Resort!

Map to Sierra Pines Resort in Sierra City CASierra City (elevation of 4,200 feet) was founded in 1850 and lies at the base of the south slope of the Sierra Buttes, a group of spectacular rocky peaks that rise to an elevation of 8,600 feet. Atop the Sierra Buttes, a breathtaking view awaits you from the highest fire lookout in either Tahoe or Plumas National Forest.

Once a booming mining town, Sierra City has become a popular tourist area with more than fifty glacial lakes providing one of the finest and most beautiful recreation areas of the entire state.

Jean Herrington was a member of the pioneer Busch family. Her mother and grandmother were also born in Sierra City. Her father, Ernest Innes, owned and operated the Sierra Buttes Inn (1925-1945) and the Old Boterro Ranch which supplied produce and dairy products to the local miners. The ranch is the present site of Sierra Pines Resort (formerly Herrington’s).

Sierra Pines remains a family owned and operated business, which began in 1967 by Hugh Herrington (Jean’s husband). The resort is comprised of 40 acres of beautiful Sierra timberland through which State Highway 49 and the North Fork of the Yuba River meander for a third of a mile. Glen & Cindy Haubl purchased the resort from Bev & Mike Herrington in 2019 and look forward to carrying on the traditions. We very much look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories and traditions.

The last remaining barn on the property is over 150 years old. The tree growing through the roof of the lobby is a century old Royal Ann Cherry Tree which still bears fruit every year. The trout pond in front of the lodge is 10 feet deep in the center and holds several thousand trout. The trout range in size from 10 to 28 inches and are netted daily for the restaurant’s use. Parents and grandparents enjoy capturing photos of their children’s “trophy catches” from our pond. Across the river from our rooms is a beautiful waterfall which is illuminated nightly for our guests’ viewing pleasure.